Small update to Alberto’s case against Columbia and Qais al Awqati

As you might know, think this is a serious case of sexual harassment and racial discrimination on academia, and not only because he is my brother. The suport from Chilean, and now USA media have been great:

Now I would like to bring this into discussion. Discussing the case and make it public is the best way to show all my respect and admiration to Alberto. What you think? How can we avoid this kind of behavior? How institutions can balance power between student and supervisor in this kind to situation? Are human resources doing enough?

I give my complete support to Alberto, and I think is my duty avoid that his case be denied and hidden to public opinion and especially to academia. No matter how important and prestigious a doctoral supervisor might be this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. We have to behave at least with the same level of ethical standars as we demand of academic scientific research.

Don’t forget to follow Alberto’s Blog with updated info about the progress of the case:

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One response to “Small update to Alberto’s case against Columbia and Qais al Awqati”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Please continue to post updates on your brother’s case as his attorneys allow.

    I hope that he is aware that he is not alone. Given the recent news coverage of other ‘sexual harassment and retaliation’ complaints filed with the courts against Columbia University it’s evident that he is one of at least several victims of sexual harassment and retaliation at Columbia University. Together these cases should encourage positive change. Of course, the ‘sexual harassment and retaliation’ should never have been allowed to happen in the first place.

    Your brother sounds like a very intelligent man of decent and strong character. I hope that he is doing well and that he is able to see his complaints through to a healthy, productive, restorative conclusion.

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